Gotten Kent for both our Pre-Wedding overseas and actual day shoot. What can I say? Beyond amazing, photos produced were priceless! Kent is very easy to communicate with and he definitely knows what he wants from the couple and able to take the best of it. Great job Kent!

by Anthony & Sophia, 30 Sep 2018

If you are here reading this, then look no further. Just engage this amazing photographer straightaway! Kent provides very good ideas and suggestions during our meet-ups which we are glad to have followed. My wife and I being avid photographers as well, we learn to trust the photographer’s judgement and agree with many of the ideas Kent proposed. The photos exceeded our expectations and my wife couldn’t stop looking at the photos once they have been delivered by Kent.

by Aaron & Ziyan, 21 Oct 2017


Exceed our expectation for our wedding photos! We engaged Kent Wong for our Overseas Pre-Wed shoot and our Actual Day. Traveling with him and the make up artist was amazing. They were very professional and easy to communicate with. Most importantly, the photos were amazing! We can’t thank them enough!

by Jadon & Aveline, 14 May 2017


Thank you! We’re having an awesome time going through the photos and reliving the memories from our wedding! Some bits and pieces we didn’t even know happened so we’re very glad you were able to capture those. Your photography is stunning. Thank you for capturing all the emotions of our closest family members and friends that day. We’ll always have good memories to look back on.

by Edwin & Laura, 19 Nov 2016


The final delivery from the man himself – Kent Wong. Thanks for the awesome job man, you repaid the time I spent shortlisting and money I paid many many times over. These will be precious memories to treasure and moments never forgotten. Esther and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants their wedding shots tastefully taken :) Thanks Kent!

by Samuel & Esther, 24 Jan 2016


There is a truth to hosting a wedding ceremony that rarely anyone talks about. The truth is, you barely register what’s happening. The gruelling plannings came way before that, and everything else happening on the day is handled by the helpers. All the couple really remember is smiling and shaking hands; everything else is a blur.

That is why it’s so important to hire a good photographer. You can have the best hotel, the best food, and the best decorations but you wont remember any of it. Your memories of the event is defined and constructed by the photos you see afterwards. If your photos show bored faces, you will remember it as a sad event. If its happy faces, you will remember it as a happy event. If your pre-wedding photos is uninspiring, you can always reshoot but there is no reshoot for an actual day event. The photographer has just one chance to get it right.

And the photographer Teronne and I have chosen is the excellent Kent Wong Photography. Of course, he took much more photos than this but to save you from clicking 864 times, we decided to post just the photos that moves the story along. It was very hard selecting the photos to be posted; the ones not chosen are also beautifully taken and full of joy as well. But alas, decisions had to be made in the end.

Hence we sincerely hope that you will enjoy the photos as much as we do, and share in our happiness and union of our lives. As once again, a big thanks to Kent Wong Photography for documenting the biggest day of our lives :)

by Darren & Teronne, 10 Oct 2015


Hi Kent, we have just received the photos and we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for helping us capture such a special day of our lives. We love the photos and will be blowing some up to decorate our new home here in the Bay Area.
Thank you so much for your hard work and wish you all the best.

by Brent & Jerene, 09 May 2015


Hi Kent, it’s been more than a year! Hope you’re doing well. I still look back at your great pictures! Just wanna thank you again for being our photographer!

by Jeff & Weena, 25 May 2014


Dear Kent, just wanted to send you a personal note to say thank you for the beautiful photo montage you did for us for the reception…i loved all the pictures and especially the last few shots on the stairs – felt dumb while doing it but it turned out gorgeous! you really captured the moments…thanks so much!!…i’m sure the end result will be wonderful, we’ll look forward to it when you’re ready with the pictures. ps : a lot of our guests loved your work.

by Kelvin & Kumari, 08 Feb 2014


Cary and I will like to take the opportunity to thank our Lens man throughout the day for just going the distance and we know they will give us the best memories that all of us including friends and family can’t wait for the finish product! Kent Wong Photography and Takashi Wai – You guys blow us away with some of the sneak peeks you provided us.

by Cary Noah & Jo Chan, 11 Jan 2014


Lawrence and I want to thank you for the beautiful photos. You captured our special evening, our friends and loved ones, and the overall ambient so well! Now our memories of the day is preserved for a long time to come.

by Lawrence & Guak Ee, 23 Nov 2013


Thanks for a fantastic job on the photos Kent. It is truly great to have you as our AD photographers as you have truly exceeded our expectations. Also, great job on stitching up the montage, well timed and smooth transition. Love the ‘moments’ that you managed to capture. We are glad we chose you for this. Keep up the good work.

by Sebastian & Eliya, 26 Oct 2013


Hi Kent Wong and Cherry,

Shu Qin and I would like to express our gratitude towards your expertise and professionalism during our ROM and pre-wedding photoshoot.

No doubt, cherry’s skillful makeover did exactly what every couple wants for their memory album of a lifetime: the shine in simplicity. Her touches are flawless down to the smallest of details. Coupled with her cheery persona during the make-up session, the glow of every bride-to-be was amplified by many folds.

Kent Wong upheld his professionalism despite the thunderstorm that postponed our initial Pre-wedding shoot. Nevertheless, he remained calm and understanding, and we were blessed with (almost) perfect scorching weather on the second shoot. Behind every picture tells a story, and kent did a wonderful job of encapsulating the perfect moment of every details. He may be firm on the wedding shoot location at times, but trust me, his judgement is never wrong. That is how every picture taken by Kent has that extra special feel to it, making him outstanding in photography.

Neither of them requested for our testimonials on the photoshoot process. However, I feel obliged to share with the rest of the world, our memories made into perfection by Cherry Au and Kent Wong.

by Chris Lee and Qin Shu


We love all your photos! Thanks Kent Wong for all the amazing shots. You are one of the few photographers who we know that is so hardworking and passionate in your role. Thank you once again for capturing the moment for us! Pamela Tan and myself are so happy that we found you as our wedding photographer.

by Jian Ming & Pamela, 01 May 2013


Hi Kent,

Thought we should write you an email to thank you for taking such lovely pre-wedding photos for us. Edward and I are really happy with our photos and we spent the entire weekend looking at them over and over again. Nowadays, there are so many photographers out there, and I feel that we are lucky to have chosen you to be our photographer. We are not good at posing, yet you were able to overcome that obstacle. In our photos, we looked really natural and most importantly, really happy and in love with each other. This is how wedding photos should be like – capturing the essence of love!

Edward and I are also amazed with your creativity and your ability to frame the photos so uniquely. Our friends could not stop complimenting us on the unique “water shot” you did for us at Marina Barrage! In fact, I believe Edward would want to blow it up and display it in our new home (when it arrives, haha). Your services are really professional, and that is evident in the way you went the extra mile to do a re-shoot for us because of the bad weather. We know we can trust you to take good photos on our ROM day too! Looking forward to have you share our big day with us, Kent!

In appreciation,

by Edward and Gwen


Hi Kent,

Thanks for making our pre-wedding shoot and BIG DAY so much more memorable. From the outset, your service has been remarkably warm, friendly and professional. The outcome proved to be a good experience with sublime photographs!
We really appreciate all the hard work, time and effort you put into all the photos. We could have taken photos equivalent to a year time! Oh, and the slide show, many commented on how wonderful that was, to see the morning actions on the big screen. We have received the CD. The cover design is just fantastic! It’s great to be able to look back at all the photos in years to come.
Once again, thank you so much:)

by Leon & Charlynn, 06 Oct 2011


We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you for helping us to make our Wedding Day a memorable and fun one!
We really appreciate your hard work, time and efforts in capturing all the priceless moments during our Big Day! And, not forgetting the beautiful montage you did for us, it was Wonderful! Thank you Kent, for creating a Lifetime of treasured memories of our special day!
Till now, we have looked through our Wedding photos for countless times! You have done a GOOD JOB! We will not hesitate to recommend our photography services to our friends, colleagues and relatives!
We look forward to seeing you on our Baby’s Full Month Celebration Day on 18 Dec 2011 @ Hotel Grand Pacific. We can’t wait to see your works again! Keep up the great job!

by Eng Pang & Magdalene, 29 May 2011


We have forgotten how many ‘million times’ we have looked through our wedding photos. Thank you for capturing the memories of our wedding day so amazingly well. We were truly blown away.
Honestly when I contacted you on the web I did not know how much to expect but I really ought to thank you for being so determined and patient in scheduling a meet up. I cannot say how lucky I felt to have finally engaged you as our main photographer.
Thank you for doing up our wedding highlights and editing it in just 5 hours. I hope you have given yourself a good rest after that !
We knew we were in good hands.  Thank you for nailing it once again with the amazing shots of all the laughter and happy tears captured on our wedding day. We are sure it will bring back lots of wonderful memories in years to come.
We are sure someday our paths will cross again when we decide to document our next new chapter of our life !
Cheers to the stunning shots once again and all the best to you in your photography journey !

by Rudy & June, 16 Jul 2011